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Today’s healthcare system never faces breaks in developing its influence and accessibility in urban and rural areas to reach every single person who may require help. Same, corner drug stores, health centers, and online pharmacies have never been so accessible to people who look for practicability. But, when one health condition is unknown or there are risks of experiencing complications, people tend to repeat the same mistakes, they diagnose themselves and prescribe medications which can only harm one. We believe you deserve better.

At Edison Health, we strive to deliver exceptional services, support, and counseling that all can be crucial to your health. We give a hand to employers and facilitate their access to medical centers. We ensure there they are treated correctly, with respect and with immediate response to efficacy. But, the major benefit why you should turn to us now is that at Edison Health we work a sweat to provide one with the most affordable prices for pharmaceutical products.

Our product line is extensive for everyone’s taste and, of course, needs. Starting with prescription drugs up to the reliable generics which offer the same results but with a pleasant reduction in prices.
However, as far as our priority is to provide only SAFE solutions, we make sure one is aware of all the negative outcomes when dealing with medications. We share and post only confirmed information about side effects, contraindications or dangerous interactions. We inform how to take drugs, and what fits best their health. But, we do it only after being 100% sure our clients discuss such treatment options with their physicians. Believe us, it can save you life and deprive you of deteriorating your current well-being.

That’s not all. As far as every person likes online management and tantalizing deals, our team made advances with such contemporary demands. Through our platform, you can check your refills, attach a prescription, and proceed with fast hassle-free ordering and paying procedures. At the end of the day, you may come across hot deals or special offers on longed-hoped-for health supplements.
All in all, Edison Health is not a regular pharmacy but a place where you do not face stress, embarrassment, and profit from any visit. Please, stop neglecting your health, and let us do the rest for you in no time. Our team guarantees you around the clock smiles and understanding of all your special needs and requests.

Because you deserve better

Unfortunately, 10-30% of patients are diagnosed incorrectly and about 40% receive flawed or altogether wrong treatment.

The potential repercussions of this are especially troubling for individuals with complex conditions who are facing the prospect of surgery. We’re talking about surgeries that may not be appropriate — potentially risking patient safety and wasting significant amounts of money.

That’s where we come in. At EdisonHealth, we enable employers to provide their plan members with special access to medical centers that will provide the right care, while reducing associated healthcare expenses.

Offered through participating employer-sponsored health plans, EdisonHealth has developed a unique way to select and contract with medical centers whose interdisciplinary teams are advancing the standard of care beyond just safety scores and surgical outcomes.