About Us

As you may have guessed, our name was inspired by Thomas Edison — for how he approached challenges as much as what he accomplished.

Edison was not a likely source of breakthrough innovation. He did not attend an elite school. He didn’t even have a degree. And yet, a self-educated telegraph operator not only created new inventions — he invented new industries!

We can relate. EdisonHealth is not the brainchild of a world-renowned consulting firm or even a leading national insurance company. In fact, its humble start took place less than 50 miles from the birthplace of our namesake.

EdisonHealth was created by┬áTom Emerick and Rick Chelko, two independent consultants who aren’t vested in the status quo and believe there is a better way. It was founded by health care professionals who believe they can make a difference in the lives of individuals facing serious health issues.

We aren’t physicians, but believe in the Hippocratic Oath and know what quality health care looks like. We believe accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment approaches should trump money-driven health care. We believe corporate health plan sponsors can and should help their plan members avoid harm and get the best care possible.

What do you believe?


Tom Emerick

Tom is the President of Emerick Consulting, LLC. Prior to starting his consulting career, Tom was Vice President, Global Benefits Design for Walmart Stores, Inc. where he designed and managed benefits for over 1.3 million associates in the U.S. In 2009, Tom was named by Healthspottr as one of the top 100 innovators in health care in the U.S. for his work on medical ethics. In December 2012, Tom was listed in Forbes.com as one of 13 unsung heroes changing healthcare forever.

Rick Chelko

Rick is President and Founder of The Chelko Consulting Group, a boutique health and welfare benefits consulting firm headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Previously, Rick served as a Principal and Regional Practice Leader for Ernst & Young LLP. He is recognized as an industry expert in the areas of health care consumerism, benefits design and management, and health promotion. Rick is the past co-president of WEB (the Worldwide Employee Benefits Network).