For Patients

Are you getting the right care?

Countless people put their health and ongoing quality of life at risk each day by assuming their doctors and hospitals provide the same or better care than others. Did you know that less than half of doctors are even better than average? Even more rare are the number of doctors working in world-class teams. The good news – you have a choice! Your health plan partnered with to give you special access to some of the nation’s leading centers for advanced spine, heart/valve, knee and hip, cancer and transplant care. We understand that it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone, but isn’t your health worth it?

The EdisonHealth process is specially designed to provide excellent care.

We carefully selected our medical destinations to provide true medical excellence. Our network medical centers are designed to provide world-class advice, and are able to quickly confirm or correct your original diagnosis and treatment plan. In addition, we work with the network medical center to take care of your medical records and travel arrangements. Most medical centers even provide a dedicated representative to answer all your questions and to help you easily get where you need to go. And your health plan covers all of your covered medical bills and travel costs.