How Edison Health Works

More Detailed Step-by-Step Information

When you are not feeling well, we know how frightening it might be to travel to an unfamiliar medical center. That’s why we are with you every step of the way to make sure that your experience is a positive one.

Read these steps below:

1 Often, we will be notified when your doctor recommends surgery, and will contact you. You can also call us on your own. Either way, an EdisonHealth team member will explain the benefits of our program in detail and answer any questions.
2 Once you’re ready to move forward, we will schedule an appointment for you to be evaluated and treated by one of our carefully chosen network medical centers, like or┬á We will walk you through the necessary forms and make sure the center receives your complete medical records, assist in making travel arrangements (for you and a companion), coordinate ground transportation and book your hotel room.
3 Before leaving on your trip, you will receive a detailed itinerary of your travel and treatment arrangements. We will also provide you with a prepaid debit card for your food purchases and a special medical identification card to use at the medical center. If you have questions at any time during the entire process, your designated EdisonHealth team members are just a phone call away!
4 Upon arrival, the medical center’s representative will meet you and help you easily get to where you need to be. The medical center’s team will then meet with you to evaluate your condition.
5 Following the evaluation, a treatment plan will be recommended. If surgery is still considered your best option, it will usually take place within a day or two of your arrival. If an alternative approach is recommended, new arrangements will be made and treatment may even begin immediately.
6 Once surgery has been completed and you’ve been discharged from the hospital (typically in 1-3 days), you will rest and recover at the hotel (usually another 2-5 days) until your follow-up appointment with your surgeon. At that time, the date for your return home will be confirmed.
7 The medical center care team will contact your local doctor to discuss follow-up treatment and therapy.
8 Your EdisonHealth care coordinator and service team will be available throughout your trip to answer questions and coordinate return travel arrangements. We will also check in with you after you arrive home to see how things are going, discuss your treatment experience and assist with any follow-up needs.