Smarter Care
Starts Here

Smarter Care Starts Here

Today's healthcare system is evolving rapidly to meet people where they are -- in work and life. Corner drug stores. Local surgery centers. Telemedicine. It's all about closer and easier. But when someone's healthcare needs are complex, the most convenient option may not be the best. Even the closest, high-reputation, regional academic medical center may fall short.                                                                                WATCH OUR VIDEO:                            

Because you deserve better

Unfortunately, 10-30% of patients are diagnosed incorrectly and about 40% receive flawed or altogether wrong treatment.

The potential repercussions of this are especially troubling for individuals with complex conditions who are facing the prospect of surgery. We're talking about surgeries that may not be appropriate -- potentially risking patient safety and wasting significant amounts of money.

That's where we come in. At EdisonHealth, we enable employers to provide their plan members with special access to medical centers that will provide the right care, while reducing associated healthcare expenses.

Offered through participating employer-sponsored health plans, EdisonHealth has developed a unique way to select and contract with medical centers whose interdisciplinary teams are advancing the standard of care beyond just safety scores and surgical outcomes.