Medical Centers

Where people go for complex care can make a world of difference. Not all medical centers are the same. In fact, some are structured to practice care in a very different manner than over 95% of the medical centers in America.

These medical centers we seek are fundamentally focused on patient-care more so than research or education. They practice medicine in a team-based, data-driven and accountable model. As centers of excellence, they perform high volumes of complex surgeries with great outcomes, yet they are more likely to recommend non-surgical treatment approaches. They are integrated and skilled at handling out-of-town patients. In so many ways, they treat complex conditions the way you would want them to.

How do we find these medical centers? We know what you are looking for. We also understand that quality indicators are a step in the right direction, but they often don’t tell the real story. We know that low surgery volumes are often associated with bad medical outcomes, but we also know that high surgery volumes are often associated with profit-driven medicine.

EdisonHealth’s specialty is handling situations in which higher quality care truly does cost less. As such, we are more selective than other medical networks and take the time to do the detective work necessary to select the right medical centers. We are not easily impressed with reputations and high ratings in popularity contests. We understand that we are often dealing with life and death matters – at least high-risk surgeries that shouldn’t be pursued without high prospects for success.

We take the time to look beyond the numbers to carefully evaluate each medical team to determine who is really providing the best care. Who they really are. How they think and how they make decisions. How they measure and reward team members. How willing they are to accept close oversight and to cooperate with other leading medical centers to share best practices. And, yes, we even determine how willing they are to charge reasonable, global case rates for their services.

If you would like to send your health plan members with complex care needs to medical centers that truly do practice better care, give us a call. We can build a custom network to serve your specific needs, or we can help you take advantage of our existing contracts with some of America’s highest-performing medical centers.