Network Management

We have done the analysis, performed the due diligence, negotiated the contracts and built the infrastructure to give your high cost claimants special access to our network destinations of true medical excellence. We have gone beyond reputations and high volumes to identify specific departments in specific medical centers that really know how to deliver excellent and appropriate care to individuals facing complex spine, heart/valve and transplant surgeries.

Member Services

Our Service Team will explain the benefits of EdisonHealth to your plan members and coordinate all travel — flights, hotel and transportation arrangements. Our Care Coordinator, along with the medical center’s Nurse Navigator, will work with your plan member and his or her local physician to obtain the necessary medical records and to customize the plan of care.

Client Services

We help our clients develop and implement the optimal strategy to add EdisonHealth to their health plans, and to identify and encourage surgical candidates to take advantage of their special access to our network medical centers. We also process claim payments, report on program and patient results, and work with you to refine and expand the program as desired.